Our Family

"Talent wins games; but teamwork, intelligence, and strategy win championships"

Melissa L. CEO.png

Melissa - CEO 

Quirky and fearless, Melissa leads the charge at Six Collective. With over 12 years in digital advertising, Melissa has worked around the world with many globally recognized brands. Originally hailing from the Pacific North West, she is now based in Sunny Southern California. 

Brandon Small.png

Brandon - Director, Business Development

Brandon, a naturally born entrepreneur, understands our clients challenges intimately. As a professionally trained kinesiologist, Brandon has built several businesses helping his patients and clients perform better. As our Director of Business Development, Brandon’s continued commitment in ensuring the health and success of our clients have helped our clients reach new milestones.

Alberto Mad Scientist small.png

"Lucky" - Data & Ad Scientist

Often found in his "cave" of numbers, Lucky is the one who makes all the data make sense. Using data to generate a specific outcome, we call him "Lucky" because luck is often when opportunity meets those prepared. He is our clients secret sauce and what makes their competitors nervous. 

Aya Small.png

Anne - Client Services Coordinator

Anne brings over 7+ years of client success and customer care experience. With several years in the financial and tech industry, Anne is proactive and has a unique intuition that our clients recognize and appreciate.

Vera Small.png

Vera - Automation Engineer

Vera’s deep knowledge of data and systems empowers our clients to plan, structure and effectively execute strategies that increase revenue growth immediately while building towards a long-term, sustainable scale.

Brad Small.png

Sam - Genius Developer

Extensive in his technical development career, Sam brings tech innovation with a business mindset. As a sales minded technical leader, Sam brings things to life. He believes that pretty can be profitable, if done correctly. 

Sabrina - Marketing Specialist

Sabrina has worked for some notable and “Insta-worthy” brands in fashion, e-commerce, and travel. Sabrina tells stories through images, captions, and hashtags. She is thoughtful and strategic and has a unique gift for creating communities and engagement.

Ali Small.png

Ali - Creative Director

Ali’s UI point of view is bar none to the rest. With an eye for beautiful design and a mind for strategic customer experience, Ali elevates brands digitally while designing for performance.

Stef Finance Manager Small.png

Stefanie - CPA, Finance Manager

With 10 years of corporate finance experience, Stef not only manages the companies finances but helps us invest in future developments.