Facebook Advertising for Realtors


Are you a Real Estate agent hungry for more leads? 

In this article, you'll learn:

1. Why Facebook Advertising is a Realtors secret weapon

2. What makes Facebook Advertising so powerful

3. How you can utilize Facebook Ads to generate more leads, book more in-home consultations, and fill your open houses. 

Facebook is a Realtors secret weapon

With over 1.5 Billion active daily users, it's no secret that Facebook is an advertising powerhouse. But what Real Estate Agents and commission sales people may not realize, is that Facebook Ad tools provide a rich, diverse and granular targeting options, helping you needle point potential new customers in your area of choice. Creating a highly targeted ads help you get a better ROI and not overspend ad budget on users who are not likely to convert into a customer. 

If you're only focusing on getting likes to your Facebook page, you're missing a whole lot. Having a lot of likes may look good, but your engagement and interaction is what you're looking for. 

What makes Facebook so powerful for Realtors?

Targeting and creating your ideal audience through Facebook allows us to help realtors generate more sales-converting leads than any other advertising medium. Facebook makes use of users interests, behavioral patterns and can also segregate users based on geography. 

A realtor can target: Homeowners, renters, people who are moving, people of various income levels, and also those who have interacted with your ads. 

Have you ever gone on a website and then all of a sudden Facebook shows you similar ads? This is retargeting. 

Imagine what content you could deliver to a user who has clicked on your recent new home listings ad. Could this user be interested in selling their home in that same area? Or are they interested in potentially purchasing? What if they are unrepresented and in search of an agent who knows their area of choice like the back of their hand?

With Facebook Pixels, you could identify the source to the sign-up and create your campaign with an appointment setting as your conversion. 

How to use Facebook to generate more leads, in-home consultations, and book out your open house

Getting Leads:

Advertisers often get caught up in wanting to cast a wide net to capture as many leads as possible. Here are some strategies that'll provide quality over quantity. 

First, if you haven't set up your Facebook page and Facebook pixels to track user behavior, this is a must-do first step. 

Strategy 1 - People Who Are Likely To Move

Facebook has a ton of user behavior and interest targeting categories. One of them being "People who are likely to move". As a Realtor, pinpointing your geography and behavior will help serve your ad to the most applicable users. 

Strategy 2 - Geographical & Potential Home Seller/Buyer Targeting

Let's use San Fransisco, California as an example. Advertisers are able to list out zip codes of an entire area of interest. You'll likely find around 90,000 users while targeting San Fransisco specifically. When you add the 'likely to move' targeting, you start to drill down to 2000 people. 

Although the number is less, it's much more highly targeting. Keep in mind that Facebook wants your ads to work and the algorithm in which Facebook determines who and when to showcase your ads is going to be dependent on the relevancy of your ad to the people you're showing you ads to. 

You can layer on top of your initial targeting and pin point neighborhoods, income levels, and lifestyle. 

Strategy 3 - Referral Marketing

While you may be targeting potential buyers and sellers, don't forget your real estate community. You can build a community and network amongst other Real Estate industry professionals outside of realtors. For example: Mortgage brokers, inspectors, and home interior designers/stagers. 


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